Saturday, May 17, 2008

I know this girl. She's got hundreds of loveable quirks, energy that seems to be powered by the sun, the hugest heart, hair for miles & eyes like the sky in July. If I were able to review my life the past 10 years or so, filmstrip style, I'm pretty sure I'd see little flecks of light & stars on every single day we spoke or wrote. This girl has just been so good to & for me, inspired me even in her most broken state, given me strength in some of my saddest hours, trusted me with the neatest secrets, taken genuine interest in my own Missyisms, has been everything from my giggle guru to a surrogate little sister to crystal clear evidence that Alice Liddell still lives.

This girl got married last Saturday, & while I was wading through an ocean of balloons & birthday cake watching my son turn 6, images of blonde hair bled into his smile in a blur of daisyvision. And no one really knew why there was one pink balloon in the giant sea of others & why looking at it bobbing in the sunlight made me weep.

Happy one week wedding anniversary to a couple so cute & so crazy in love. I'm so thankful my friend has found such a rockin' someone who makes her so happy. Congratulations Ashley Rose & Geoffrey. I wish you could have seen me in the audience of faces watching you in awe as you said your vows & started off your new life together. Thank you for setting an example of true love & for being so beautiful & right for each other. I bet the world's biggest cynic might just melt in your presence. You are such a perfect pair. I love you so!

Friday, May 2, 2008

In full-on busy bee mode this week literally up to my eyeballs in dolly parts using as much Missy-might as I can muster to have a new batch of Boopers ready for next week. I'm also going to be attending the annual Cake Walk here in Kelowna next Friday & promised to haul a bunch of dollies there as well. Mum is tagging along for moral support & ha ha, as much as she feels completely passionate about what we're doing, when she tells her friends at work & stuff that she is making dolls with fruit loops & shit on their heads she is getting some pretty strange looks & reactions. I think she's going to be sitting at our table next Friday hiding behind something & pointing at me when people pick up our dolls to take a look.

I'm also using almost every spare minute I can squeeze in to plan Zoo's upcoming 6th birthday party. He has never in his life been thrown a bash where kids were in attendance (he is such a little misfit / oddball that he simply hasn't ever made any friends) so with the absense of a yard full of children & the magic that they tend to create on their own, we're going all out to give Zoo a birthday to remember this year. He's been talking about robot cake & pizza forever so that's what's on the menu & I'll take the robo cake challenge on myself. We're also making him his own web site & have ordered an Arthur video from, in which he will be the star of the show! (I can't WAIT to see his face & watch him beam!)

Speaking of *birthdays*, today is the birthday of one of ***THE*** most memorable, influential, intoxicating & heart-wrenchingly beautiful humans to have ever walked Earth. Her name is Adrian & even if you took the most gripping lyrics ever & tossed in the writings of the likes of Gibran, you STILL wouldn't come close to finding words worthy of her sweet & decent soul. This picture is for her. I hope it makes her laugh & I hope her day's been good. (Adi, thank you for the years upon years of what you've done for this world & for my life!)