Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drove the next town over last Monday to hit up the two Sally Ann's. It's always worth the forty minute drive. Had a yummy lunch w/ Mum at our favorite cafe there & visited the candy store to stock up on doll supplies & props. Standout finds were the following:

- glorious vintage fabric suitcase, a steal at just a buck!
- orgasmic array of vintage floral fabrics
(Absolutely PERFECT for our 3rd batch of Boopsies!)
- fancy schmancy pretty pastel vintage buttons [.50)
- fabric/styrofoam dolly head triplets (.25)
- 70's-era Ernie & Bert placemat for Ash (ok, for moi!)
- sweet little vintage knit container [1.00]
- way adorable vintage family of neon orange mice - [.99]
(And sadly, not shown)
- equally as adorable vintage wooden wall plaque
(featuring a kitschy little raven haired cutie!)

And while I'm in listing mode, I want to mention some other things that made me love life this week *just that much* more!

- (Secretly) watching Sadie get a bike-riding lesson from her big brother today. He was SO careful & gentle & encouraging with her. I think my heart turned to actual mush.

- The Dalai Lama on TV this week... mere hours from here in Seattle in fact. Would have given anything to be in the crowd of 5,000 who gathered to be in his beautiful presence. His message is always so simple & pure. I just wish the whole world would get it.

- Woke up Wednesday to find that I'd sold another print. While I still had the dough in my PayPal, I quickly decided to snatch up a Betsy. What's a Betsy you ask? Something every girl needs. Visit sadielouwho's shop at etsy to become simply smitten with her MUST-HAVE creations!

- The bear very ungrumpily agreeing to help me execute a photo shoot (starring him) I'd had in my mind since last summer. One or two of my favorites will make their flickr debut sometime soon.

- Getting this blog off the ground. I must admit, it somehow feels invigorating.

Love to all. Whoever's reading. Have a splendid weekend. Smile lots!


Vain and Vapid said...

Oooooo, I love your purchases, I am so jealous of the fabrics... and for only $2!

because im addicted said...

such pretty fabrics!

ROBOTS said...

your blog is cute! like this.. :))

Marjolein said...

Ahh those fabrics, lovely!