Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soooooo many things I'd like to blog about. It feels like all the different subjects are crowding 'round my frontal lobe jumping up & down. "Pick me, pick me!"

Begrudgingly took down all the Easter decor today. Bye bye paper rabbits & sweet chenille bunnies! Thankfully pictures will help me to remember how to set stuff up next year. I've loved all my displays so much I want to ensure that they're each recreated the exact same way again when each holiday rolls 'round. The image above depicts a darling little Easter scene set up on green polyfil atop an antique cabinet in our dining room. This was how the mantle looked. And this is how I dolled it up for February. At Halloween it looked like this & for Christmas, like so. Haven't the foggiest what's in store for it the coming days & weeks. The only time it's ever been themeless was that tiny space of time between Halloween & Christmas. (And that looked like this) Not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite liked. :)

In desperate need of a new hairdo/style sometime SOON! I haven't had diddly done to it since before little Sadie was even conceived. I wonder if my fave hairdresser on Earth is even still around. Roxie @ Totale E-clips. Man did I ever have a girl crush on her. She was such a little slice of sexy pie. Caucasian but with Japanesey features. Cute as hell like a 50's kitschy doll come to life. I don't know that I would trust someone the way I trusted her with my slowpoke-growing hair that's taken 3 long dreary years to even grow down to my shoulders!

Made an impromptu decision to turn the spare/guest/junk room downstairs into a studio on Sunday! This mostly involved hauling boxes to & fro... but was worth it in the end as we each have our own little cubbyhole/cubicle. It's cozy as can be! The neato bonus was the walls which we didn't have to paint as they were already yellow at the time that we moved in. I feel like I am working in a little box of sunshine! No more being cramped up in the corner of my bedroom. Room to stretch my legs & fill the walls with gorgeous art! I'm thrilled to bits!

A really busy-bee-ish time ahead. Plan to have our dollies up on etsy by the time the week is through. I've thrifting finds to post about & snail mail to send away & endless goals (big & small) to slowly chip away at. Blogging late at night has proved a great way to unwind. I can totally envision now a future for this thing... it just might thrive. :)

P.S. Pea, are you out there?!? Miss you much.


ROBOTS said...

I'm happy that you liked. You are always welcome!

Vain and Vapid said...

Cool, I love your mantle(s) they are so fun and colorful. Makes me miss having one myself although I never took the time to redecorate for every holiday (except Xmas).

twinkleshabbystar said...

I had NO clue that you had a blog!!!! YEAH!!!! Girlie! Im obsessed with you!!!! (along with everyone else! LOL!) There is only a few lucky people that can blow me away and "suck me in" to their work and you my dear are one of them!!! Your imagination freaking blows my mind! I LOVE to create fun and whimsy, but you take it to a whole new level!
Anyhoo, I would love to see your new hair "doo". I just had mine cut and got BANGS! I just posted my pics on my blog. Please come and visit. Im SUPER envious that you have a little studio now! Lucky girl! Im in a cramped corner of my home. My hubby promises one day soon I will have the studio of my dreams!!! :)
Thank you sweet Missy for ALWAYS putting a HUGE smile on my face! I absolutely ADORE you!!! XOXO

Daisysmiles said...

I'm catching up on what I've missed & I think this is my favourite entry so far :) I like hearing about your studio & seeing the evolution of your mantle - even if I've already seen the pictures before... they're just so much cooler with your descritptions!