Sunday, April 6, 2008

Entry for Tuesday, April 3rd. Up until the Conan hour AGAIN last night obsessively making dolls with Mum. So psyched about our 2nd batch of Boopsies, they are SCARY-full of character & whimsy. Sky was crazy blue & with bear off, we squeezed in some thrifting. Sweetest scores included:

- The doors Greatest Hits on vinyl [1.00]
- chalkware birdie wall plaque [.50]
- vintage fuzzy kitschy bunny on a stick [.25]
- The Beatles Yellow Submarine VHS [.50]
- 1950's porcelain girl figurine w/ lid & base [1.00]
- vintage Little Women hardcover [.50]
- 1970 Sesame Street poster w/ oldschool illustrations! [1.00]
- Nonsense Books (contains such bizarre drawings!) [.50]
- exquisite vintage black haired dolly (eyes open & close) [1.00]
- set of my 4 DREAM chairs in magical condition! [20.00]


zoeeeee said...

hey i found you because i clicked on the Paper Moon link in my interests, and we both had our latest thrifting finds up. i think you will enjoy the giant wax parrot candle in my post

boopsiedaisy said...

Yep, the parrot for the win! :)
I also dig your star dress to death!

zoeeeee said...

then i'd say this is the beginning of a beautiful stalkship :) and your photos on flickr are really cool. like blyth but way more original.

pixie said...