Saturday, April 12, 2008

K, I've gotta get into the swing of things with this sucker! Quite frankly I can't stand the idea of having one of those blogs that bears no fruit & for the life of me - I don't understand why I can NEVER find my rythym with things of this nature... especially when writing comes easier to me than breathing! Anyhow, here I am trying, at least. Mostly I guess it shall just serve as a means to document my thrifting finds since my memory is now like that of a 99 year old lady! And so here's a sum up of the scrumdiddly-icious stuff I scouted out last Friday, April 4th:

- decorative chalkware puppydog [.50]
- vintage dolly w/ green knit dress [bit of a splurge @ 2.00]
- vintage scarves/apron [.25 each]
- beautiful antique frame [1.50] but worth it!
- Dream Doll mag ~ not pictured~ [.100] AND a dream in & of itself!
- psychotically gorge vintage floral photo album [1.99] & made in Japan
- vintage robin egg blue sunnies straight out of my fantasies! [3.99]
- little orange sweetie of a pig(gybank) [1.99] (vintage, made in Japan)
- 2 matching pretty pastel blue teacups [.29 each]
- lovely assortment of vintage greeting cards @ [.25] a piece
- pair of vintage Fisher Price people clowns I absolutely 'secreted'!
~ Maybe only Pea will understand that term! ~ ;) [.10 each]
- robot for Ash [1.99]
- vintage summery outfit (w/ sailboat embroidery) for Sadie [.50]

Sending a big fat smooch out to the universe for all the lovely loot it bestows upon me! Yay! ♥

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zoeeeee said...

lovely loot indeed!