Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even though I'm blogging only to an audience of about one right now, (I wanna fatten bloggie up before the welcome mat comes out & I invite my friends & fam), here is a SNEAK PEEK at the Boopsie Daisy dolls! Don't they seriously look good enough to eat?!? The grand tally of girls is sitting at around 20 at the moment, sure to DOUBLE by month's end for sure!!! I don't know how I'm going to part with them. Each one is so unique & took her own eternity to make. They've all starred in their own extravagant photo shoot however, so the pics I've got will have to take their place. Plan to blog again tonight to keep on plumpin' this place up. Oh and if a certain cute little ho is reading, I'm ready to take your call now! Ahem!


TokyoBunnie said...

yummm the sprinkle hair looks great!!

Jodie said...

Love those dolls - I'll be staying tuned to see what else happens.