Saturday, April 26, 2008

I know, I know, I'm in HUGE need of a smack upside the head for waiting so long to indulge in one of stOOpidgErl's resin jewelry pieces, but I finally did it. When the dough started rolling in for the dolls, I handed most of it over to Mum for her part in materials & labor, (after all, I'd have had no face painting or wacky foodsie hairdressing to do if she hadn't sewn me up a bunch of bald, blank faced dolls) & treated myself to a treat you can wear on your hand, one of stOOpidgErl's 'Triple Sweet Big Sprinkles' resin rings!

By this point I think there's probably only one person left in the world who doesn't know of stOOpidgErl's jewelry. Some little old man living in a shack in Guatemala or something, & then again, probably even HE has heard of Kim! :) Therefore, I'm not exactly bringing you BREAKING NEWS when I tell you Kim's jewelry is everything it's cracked up to be or that she herself is every bit as sweet as her creations. I'm just one more smiling face & highly satisfied customer face in the crowd of fans who gather round Kim's etsy shop daily to chant & beg for more!

Not only did Kimmy doll the package up & include a darling note, she also threw in an extra surprise worthy of the most amount of eyeball poppage possible! I thought I was seeing things when I peeled the tissue paper away from a SECOND item to find/see my flickr & etsy handle 'boopsie' imbedded in a bed of stars & hearts! SO generous! God, I could just kiss the crap out of her! Picturing her all hunched over in her craft room working hard away on it, (& all out of the goodness of her heart!) is just too much! You don't have to wonder why Kim has met with the fandom & success she has. She & her jewelry are WORTH it! Don't even get me started on her skill for ATC's, drawing & photography!

Don't you hate it when someone just does something SO nice for you & you're stuck feeling absolutely wordless in your state of joy & shock? Kim deserves to have sprinkle confetti thrown on her every time she leaves her house, her own fan club, and a freaking shrine erected in her honor! If you haven't snagged one of her killer works of art yet, sheesh, what in the world are you waiting for?!?

Once again, THANK YOU Kim! I've already given your etsy shop name & link to two local people needing to know "where on Earth" I got that ring! :) Yes world, Boopsie loves stOOPidgErl, but I know I'm not the only one! Join me now in a toast to the planet's resin master! Er... mistress? Whatever... SHE ROCKS!

Now to work on my customer appreciation picture... let the fun begin!


little parisienne said...

so many cute pictures on your blog!!! <3

stOOpidgErL said...

AWW YAY BOOPSIE! I'm so glad your package arrived safe and sound. :O)
Thank you sooooooooo much! I probably pissed myself the day that you ordered from me... I just couldn't believe it. What an honor it is for you to own some of my resin bling!!!! I'm glad you liked the extra.

♥Love, stoopidgerl

Tizzalicious said...

What a sweet surprise!

Sally said...

Hehehe, well I couldn't agree more. Kim's jewellery is just awesome. Once I have gotten my hands on a little money (being jobless is getting annoying due to the lack of cashflow) I'll certainly be stopping by her shop to purchase again, rather than just drooling and faving her stuff, hehe.

The extra little gift she made for you is so so cool and just goes to show what a freakin' awesome friend she is =)

So I join you in saying CHEERS to Kim. Stoopidgerl, you do indeed ROCK!

Just to add a little extra note though, aimed at you, Missy my darling... This line "Don't you hate it when someone just does something SO nice for you & you're stuck feeling absolutely wordless in your state of joy & shock?" struck something of a chord ;P Hmmm, yes, that feeling does seem somewhat familiar!

Love you to bits, Missy. I hope you're well. <3

twinkleshabbystar said...

Oooh Missy! What a fabulous piece to indugle in! I LOVE Kim's work! So fun and original! I TOO just purchased my first stoopidgerl necklace and now she's creating a custom piece for me! Cant wait to see it!
I wish we could see a smally picy of you modeling it. :)) hee! hee!
Enjoy sweet friend!!! XOXO

sassygirl said...

Ahhh, hello Boopsie! Hope you don't mind that I found your blog. It's such a joy to see that you're doing such creative things, not that you could ever stop but that they're being sent all over the world. It just makes the heart smile!
I look forward to reading more,

Katie (sassygirl on livejournal)